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Mobile Marketing Business Basics for Dummies - Why It's Not As Hard As You Think

Everytime the topic of mobile marketing comes up in business conversations we either get a death like stare of confusion, the "this is a fad" smirk or the "I'm just getting to social media" shriek. However, mobile marketing for businesses is not as hard as many business owners think!


  1. Two decades ago most business owners could agree that they felt more business savvy than their consumers. It was a secret, good ole boy network, where literal word of mouth rained and business marketing was something that stayed between business owners.
  2. But now, consumers are smarter than business owners. How did this happen? When did consumers understand business marketing better than the businesses? It's because business owners didn't take digital marketing seriously. As a result, many of business owners are just understanding blogging and social media...and now a new kid has just hit the block, mobile marketing

    Our suggestion? Before you begin to freak out about mobile marketing, you should take a deep breath, get the facts and get moving. It's not as hard as you think it might be. Here are the basics! 

    1. Everyone uses a mobile phone. More then a third of U.S. Adults own a smart phone. That number continues to grow, especially since smart phones will be the only phones on the marketing within the next 5 years.

    2. Consumers use smartphones on the go. 95% of smartphone owners search locally. That means that when they need a dentist, are looking for the best pizza or just need a cup of coffee and wifi, they go to their phones first.

    3. Are you still reading this blog? We ask because a typical customer's attention span is only 7 sec. long. Mobile marketing allows you to get a customer's attention when they are most receptive to your products or services. 

    5. Mobile is immediate. You don't have to wait the typical 6 months to see ROI, like traditional web marketing. As a matter of fact. 37% of 18-24 year olds checked their mobile in the last five minutes, 55% of 18-24 year olds checked their mobile in the last fifteen minutes and 44% of mobile users checked their mobile in the last thirty minutes.

  3. The Components of a Mobile Marketing Campaign

    To get started with mobile marketing its important that you work with a mobile marketing agency or a mobile marketing expert to decide which components work well with your business. Your businesses location, focus, products, services, current marketing and budget will determine which components of your mobile marketing strategy will work for you. 
  4. I. Mobile Websites and Mobile Apps

    We suggest that if you are local business you should have both a mobile website and a mobile app. But at the very least, have a mobile website! A mobile website is a mobile version of your current website that is easy for  website visitors to view on their mobile phones. A mobile app is an interaction application that allows your current customers to interact with  your business. Basically, mobile applications are for consumers who are already your customers and a mobile website is for consumers who are not your customers. 
  5. II. Mobile Coupons

    Mobile coupons is a fast growing trend that allows business to offer free gifts, discounts, incentives,and reminders about current offers. By pushing these offers out to a mobile audience you are able to broadcast it immediately and experience an immediate increase in traffic!

    The reason mobile coupons are so popular with business owners is because they have an immediate impact on your brand, they eliminate printing and mailing costs and they have little setup costs. Compared to direct mail and email marketing its a God send for local business owners.
  6. III QR Code Marketing

    QR Codes are 2 dimensional bar codes that are used to transfer information through mobile phone barcode readers. They are very affordable to create, they store tons of data and they don't need any expensive equipment to scan. You just download a QR code scanner (if your mobile phone doesn't already come with one) and scan the code. 
  7. It's important to note that QR codes can go bad very quickly and can be a waste of time if not done properly. At Tap for My App, we provide Smart QR codes that focus on capturing customer information.
  8. IV SMS Text Message Marketing

    SMS text marketing is a “permission-based” form of marketing where the customer initiates things by texting in a keyword to join your list.In exchange for their subscription, you can offer them an incentive, such as a coupon, free goods, free information, etc. Once the person has subscribed to your text messages, they are now a part of your list and will receive all of your future marketing text messages.

    Text message marketing is a powerful tool that brings customers to you, not vice versa.
  9. Putting It All Together

    Once you understand all the components of a business mobile marketing strategy you can reach out to a mobile marketing agency to help you implement your vision, promote your brand and get your more business. 

    It's all about visibility, brand awareness and real results. That's the power of mobile marketing.