looking for cheap car insurance quotes

looking for cheap car insurance quoteslooking for cheap car insurance quotes


  1. looking for cheap car insurance quotes
  2. looking for cheap car insurance quotes
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://insurancetocompare.info/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  5. Does have a cpc reduce car insurance costs?
  6. I have just recently obtained my pcv license and also gotten my cpc (certificate of professional competence). will having either or both of these reduce my car insurance premiums? thanks.
  7. Can I insure my boyfriends car in my name and him as a named driver?
  8. We are trying to get the cost of his car insurance down and realised if we insure it in my name and add him as a named driver it is much cheaper. Is this allowed even though I have my own car? currently live seperately but due to move in together in 3 weeks.
  9. What is the cheapest auto insurance if you have points on your record?
  10. I got myself a DUI 6-7 years ago. I was told by many that prices of insurance would go down after 5 but apparently it's after 10 years. I am on a very low budget but drive for work and drive to where there is no bus or train to take care of my parents. please if any one knows any good but cheap insurance for an older 4wd car. thanks.
  11. Is it cheaper insurance for you to be a named driver if your parent owns the car?
  12. Im 17, a boy and i want cheap car insurance, is that a better way to get it?"
  13. Is mutual insurance good?
  14. One of the insurance brokers is asking for mutual insurance, I really dont know its good or not, If I ask him, he will say, its good to me. So asking you people. . Thanks"
  15. "I got a problem, my daughter just got her drivers license and because I could get cheaper insurance with?"
  16. day when she was backing out of our car port she hit the carport pole and scratched my car pretty bad and knocked some trim off. The scratch bothers me the most because it's long and down to the metal and paint is chipping off. Can anyone tell me how I can fix this with out filing a claim?"
  17. What is the cheapest full coverage auto insurance?
  18. nybody knows a company that offers cheap full coverage auto insurance, maybe about $80 or $90 for 2 vehicles?"
  19. Car Insurance for old truck?
  20. Im 18 and id be insuring a old chevy truck 1966 to be exact is my insurance going to be high? Its in good condition safe for driving and it's my first car. Id be by myself and I wanted to know how much it would be and which insurence to go with. Any suggestions?
  21. If i get my medical card in california will my parents see it since they pay for insurance?
  22. I am about to get my card and i was wondering if my parents will see it, since they still pay for my insurance."
  23. Car insurance?
  24. i can't make the decision , i just got the car about 9 months ago , and i was paying the car insurance in full and full overage with my credit card, which my mom helped. because i was at school, rightnow i graduated, and i don;t have a job, i couldnot afford the full coverage on my car, i was thinking to go to third party. what do you guys think. i understand i will not be covered many things such as bad weather , flood , hurricane, and so on , if anything happened on the road, at no one's fault, i will lose my car, i was thinking that the odds of that. do you guys think i should go with the third party insurance?"
  25. Motorcycle insurance?