#BlackBerry #PlayBook -- First Reviews, Vids, and Tweets

While there seems to be a 'new iPad killer' on the market with every new day, only a few of the contenders have gained as much attention as the BlackBerry PlayBook. RIM's new device received a lot of press before its official launch on April 19th -- on not all of it was good press. So now it is officially out, let's take a look at the first reactions to 'the real thing'.


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    CrunchGear reported on April 21st that RIM has sold 45,000 units of the new PlayBook on opening day.

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    Here's a collection of some of the first reviews on the web.
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    If you want to see the PlayBook in action, you should check some of the first video reviews on the net.
  4. Review: BlackBerry PlayBook Strong, Well-Priced
  5. RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Review
  6. Bloomberg's Jaroslovsky Reviews RIM's PlayBook Tablet
  7. CNET Tech Review: BlackBerry PlayBook means business
  8. Speed tests: iPad 2 vs. PlayBook
  9. RIM BlackBerry PlayBook (16GB Wi-Fi) video tour - part 1 of 2
  10. RIM BlackBerry Playbook (16GB Wi-Fi) video tour - part 2 of 2
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    And here's 'that different kind of review' from the NY Times.
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    What would a new device be without an unboxing video?