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BIAS, Inc. — A Farewell from the Net

After getting used to the fact that noone else but Apple acquired the Italian audio-start-up Redmatica, the Mac recording community had to cope with another loss from the list of its leading software manufacturers: BIAS, Inc., the team behind audio editor Peak, has gone out of business last week.


  1. BIAS posted the sad news via its website.
  2. While staying unclear about the precise reasons, Steve Berkley, CEO of BIAS Inc., joined the discussion on to offer a perspective on what happened to his company.
  3. Fernando Gros has compiled a pretty good summary of what hapenned over the last couple of days.
  4.  Michael Bierylo, who discovered Peak early when it was released in 1995 with a beta release, posted an excellent eulogy for the audio editor.
  5. Create Digital Music's Peter Kirn looks to the future by highlighting some alternatives to Peak.
  6. As you can imagine, the news of BIAS going out of business created a lot of comments and discussions on Twitter as well.