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Being sent to prison for using Facebook? Even while the demand for freedom and democracy gets louder and louder in the Arabian world and especially in Iran these days, it's a headline which hard to believe. But the usage of an "anti-revolutionary website" is actually just one of the reasons why an Iranian court send a 20 year old student to prison. Her religion is another …

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  1. Secular Democracy for Iran دموکراسی سکولار برای ایران: Religious fascism in the 21st century فاشیست های دینی دختر بی گناه ۲۰ ساله را به ۱۰ ماه زندان محکوم می کنند
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    It's disturbing news: A 20 year old Iranian student has been sent to prison for the usage of Facebook. An Iranian court sentenced Sara Mahboubi to ten months in prison for being a member in the worldwide social network which has been marked as being an "anti-revolutionary website" by Iranian leaders.
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    Her cousin Sahar Karimian reported the sad news about the court decision via her Twitter account on Monday, April 11th, and continues to ask users to massively retweet it.
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    'Secular Democracy for Iran' blog picked up the story on the same day.
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    Sara Mahboubi has initially been arrested on June 25th, 2010. According to reports by the Association for the Right to Education, the security agents first introduced themselves as bank employees, however, upon entering the house they presented an arrest warrant for Ms. Mahboubi, proceeded with searching the house and demanded that the Mahboubi family bring their daughter to the Intelligence Ministry as soon as possible.  The agents then confiscated two computers, a number of books, CDs, and personal photos before leaving the premises. [source: Planet Iran]
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    But the story goes much deeper and reveals a tragedy that is been going on since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 — the persecution of the biggest religious minority in Iran, the Bahá'í Faith.
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    According to the official website of the Bahá'í Faith in the United States, "the Islamic Republic of Iran has blocked the 300,000-member Baha'i community from higher education, refusing young Baha'is entry into universities and colleges. The government has also sought to close down Baha'i efforts to establish their own institutions of higher learning."
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    Learn more about about the persecution of Iran’s 300,000 members of the Bahá'í community from the faith's informational booklet 'The Bahá'í Question: Cultural Cleansing in Iran'.
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    This video by Kianoosh Sanjari has been uploaded on April 13th on YouTube in support of Sara Mahboubi.

  10. Here's the same video with English subtitles from Maryam Ny's YouTube channel.
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    A petition has been started to raise some awareness on this case.