Twitter: Word of mouth 2.0

How often do you hear: "I heard it on Twitter?" People are talking and even more are listening. Twitter is today's word of


  1. Twitter allows users to communicate instantly -- in 140 characters or less -- with people from around the world. 

  2. Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) is Twitter's top user: with over 13.4 million followers. When she tweets, her words reach an audience larger than the population of most countries

  3. So, how does Twitter go beyond word of mouth? 
  4. You can use it to find a job: 

  5. Hear the buzz on...anything!

  6. Stay informed:

  7. Talk to friends: 

  8. Share pictures and video: 
  9. You can also use Twitter to crowdsource, promote your brand, follow your favorite celebs and more. 

    Information from all around the world -- to your cell phone -- instantly
  10. Some users even find fun and unique ways to tweet: 

  11. In my view, Twitter is Word of Mouth 2.0 -- because for the first time word of mouth isn't only heard: it is heard, seen, read and retweeted....instantly.