Maine GOP convention 2012

  1. 'Would GOP Chairman Charlie Webster face a backlash for apparently bending the rules to name a convention chairman ahead of time and not at the convention? Would Ron Paul supporters “take over” the convention, as Webster feared? Would what is supposed to be a party-building gathering devolve into a fractured mess? Those questions were answered by lunchtime: Yes, yes and yes.'
  2. At the Maine GOP convention. Starting 30+ minutes late so far. Romney delegates slept in.
  3. "Ironically, attempting to thwart a legal election process by trying to talk the supporters of other candidates into secretly meeting before the actual convention takes place to subvert the rights of any particular delegate is the epitome of actions that would “divide” the party, in addition to proving himself as a fraud and a cheat. Ron Paul's supporters have traditionally been more dedicated and are merely following the rules of the GOP election process. Outnumbering the other candidate's supporters is not illegal or wrong in any way."