Blackhawks: Is it the System?

The Blackhawk's goal tending and defense have been the focus of discussion--isn't it time to look at Joel Quenneville and his system?


  1. What's the Media Saying?

  2. Have three wins back-to-back dowsed the flames or is the heat still on for Quenneville's job? 
  3. Here is what they're saying at the NHL:  The Official Chicago Blackhawks NHL

  4. Chicago Blackhawks General Manager anticipates Quenneville questions.
  5. Blackhawks @ Predators 02/14/12
  6. Hockey Blogger's have a take:

  7. They're giving you a take on the Chicago Blackhawks.  Does anyone think Stan Bowman is listening?  Would a coaching change mean they'd admit a mistake?
  8. Fan Views and Voices:

  9. They're watching, writing and listening!