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#YouOkSis: Black Women Speak Up About The Violence of Street Harassment and Solutions

#YouOkSis is a dialogue on: 1) Street harassment from *any* men in general, and how misogynoir complicates this for Black women. 2) Black women's (or other Black femme/feminine presenting persons) experiences with street harassment from *Black men* with potential intracommunity solutions.

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  1. Background: 
  2. Storify by @FeministaJones that speaks to the origin of #YouOkSis, her asking a Black mom pushing a stroller who was being street harassed if she was okay, to help diffuse the situation.
  3. Article by @Russian_Starr with a short film where Black women discuss street harassment.
  4. #YouOKSis? It's Time For Men To Be Proactive In Helping Women Fight Street Harassment
  5. (Addition after the fact) Article about Feminista Jones' work and #YouOkSis
  6. I created this Street Harassment and Street Harassment & Misogynoir BINGO chart revealing the most common excuses given to justify this violence. 

    The top of the card is general as women (though not only people who identify as "women") from a variety of backgrounds, locations, ages, races etc. experience street harassment. 

    The bottom of the card is specific to excuses Black men give to justify street harassing Black women, as this #YouOkSis is a conversation that we are having about our communities. 

    This is NOT to infer the fallacies that White men/non-Black men of colour don't also street harass, that women who aren't Black don't experience street harassment or that "only" Black men street harass with "only" White women as victims as portrayed by media. Intersectionality or BUST. It can be BOTH true that media shapes street harassment in racist ways based on racist myths about Black men AND true that Black women still experience street harassment from Black men.
  7. #YouOkSis Chat 
    Facilitated by @FeministaJones (Q1-Q5, Q10) and @Russian_Starr (Q6-Q9); July 10, 2014, 12:00pm on Twitter

    (Below are some of the responses; cannot fit them all of course and also had to be careful doing searches since the tag itself was trolled with a great deal of gaslighting, insults, threats etc. for days now.)
  8. Question #1: What comes to mind when you hear the phrase street harassment?
  9. Question #2: Why do you think street harassment is so prevalent, with people around the world dealing with it?