White-Owned Mainstream Blogs and Plagiarism of WoC

@cordjefferson of Gawker plagiarized @thewayoftheid's epic tweets/Storify that got about 10K impressions on Storify and 10K on Tumblr. Gawker then proceeded to harass @thewayoftheid by the usual approach: 1) deny 2) say she's the one who plagiarized 3) critique her platform size 4) direct insults.

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  1. Here's the original Storify: In which thewayoftheid Expresses Her Concern About White People and here's the post on Tumblr. It was very popular and came out days before the Gawker piece. I believe the Gawker piece has been edited since (but in @so_treu's stream is a breakdown examining the plagiarism) and a half-assed apology went to @thewayoftheid but only after HOURS of abuse that Gawker initiated and their minions enacted as well. Naturally, Cord appeared on TV to discuss his "original" writing while that mainstream network ignored the plagiarism that occurred. He is a MoC, but let's be clear, people of colour working for White-owned mainstream publications also plagiarize from WoC in the "underground" and "margins" to benefit the White-owned bottom line.

    I discussed the culture of top-down plagiarism since I've been plagiarized and content trolled (where they troll my blog for topic ideas, literally "rewrite" anything I post with the same points and perspectives, but simplify it for their less informed readers, usually within 24-72 hours of my post, but sometimes longer, and all done without credit/citation) even before starting Gradient Lair a little over a year ago. This happened to me as a blogger of past blogs I've had and as a photographer/photography writer.