On Hugo Schwyzer, White Supremacist Feminism and Its Abuse of WoC

About Hugo Schwyzer's meltdown last Fri, the abuse apologists who've supported his abuse for years against women of colour, his partners and his students, and the White supremacist mainstream feminist spaces/universities that allowed him the power, platform and prestige to do so.

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  1. Storify parts:
    Part I - my blog's/others' tweets on the lack of support for WoC vs. support for cis hetero WM abuser; parsing mental health from -ISMS
    Part II - my conversation with others; also more parsing of mental health issues from -ISMS
    Part III - tweets from some of the WoC Hugo directly harmed
    Part IV - tweets from other people in solidarity with these WoC and critiquing Hugo's ability to abuse with impunity
    Part V - Links to backstory re: Hugo's cycle of abuse with impunity because of White supremacist mainstream feminism, and includes link to Storify from his behavior on Friday
  3. Imagine Hugo Schwyzer as a Black man. You cannot. He would have NEVER been accepted by mainstream White feminism or any of those publications/universities. Black men are stigmatized by White women for sexual abuse and rape (despite such crimes being predominantly intraracial), yet Black men have more to fear from White women than the reverse. @PhuzzieSlippers explained why in his essay Im Sked ta Def a White Womenz
  4. @TheAngryBlackFangirl shared her personal experience with mental health issues and how they cannot be used to excuse Hugo being an abuser.