How Azealia Banks Lost A Fan...

Azealia Banks recently shared some ahistorical, irresponsible tweets on cultural appropriation. Azealia has good music. Beautiful woman. But the endless Twitter fiascos are taxing on the spirits of those she offends. I'm gone...

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  1. This part happened last night. You can read my post about it also.
  2. Originally in my post, I only addressed her on the English language comment. But I will add posts here that address her other tweets that came before that one.
  3. Racism is not just "insults" back and forth and being "made fun" off. George Zimmerman did not throw shade at Trayvon Martin. Prison Industrial Complex does not throw shade at Black men and Black women. The police did not throw shade at Aiyana Jones or Rekia Boyd. Slavery, for which capitalism today would not exist did not just throw shade at the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Also, some slurs facilitate oppression beyond offending one individual. See the two posts below:
  4. She continued...
  5. "British culture" in this context = colonization and imperialism of over 80% of the globe, cultural appropriation, White supremacy, not what actual Brits do in the UK. Whiteness ≠ culture. It's a social position relative to power and exploitation. It's purposely presented as "universal" because of miseducation and hegemony. See essay below:
  6. Black American culture = its own culture that developed and thrived despite bondage and exists and influences the entire globe today. See Nikki Giovanni's quote below:
  7. She continued...
  8. There is no such thing as "reappropriation." It's about as legitimate as "reverse racism," "heterophobia," "misandry," and "cisphobia." It's bullshit that the privileged classes try to pretend exists. Again, Black people are not appropriative of "White culture" as there is no such thing. "Whiteness," as a construct of power ≠ Irish culture or Greek culture, for example.
  9. At the point of the tweet above is when I started replying. I sent the tweet below and one more tweet that included a Storify that explains cultural appropriation in many posts. 
  10. Lots of information on cultural appropriation is within this post below.
  11. She then responded this morning...