Don Lemon Sours The Conversation On Race With Respectability Politics and Offensive Simplicity

Yesterday Don Lemon took the typical, internalized White supremacist-thinking, the politics of respectability-loving, demand Black people accept "responsibility" for racism and oppression approach. He truly thinks Black people altering resumes and behaviors will end racism. FALSE.


  1. He seemed "proud" of his self-hatred oozing out and retweeted the Mediate article that summarized his statements. I replied to it with my essay in the link below, titled Black People Cannot End Racism Alone. I critique the politics of respectability and how tap dancing to White supremacy's variety show is not going to dismantle how racism manifests institutionally, structurally or systemically. Even following EVERY RULE that Whites' desire will not protect Black people from racism. It never has. A "good" slave was still a slave. Today, The President of the United States still faces racism. So...again, remind me of how White-approved behaviors and rejecting Black culture is an armor against racism?
  2. After this, I continued to critique respectability politics since Don Lemon thinks his five point plan will end racism. Until the ROLE OF RACISM in Black lives can be discussed where WHITES have ACCOUNTABILITY (for which they have none, as James Baldwin has written about much better than I ever could) for this, there is no conversation.
  3. Most of the culture he "critiqued" is what poor and working class Black people are insulted for. Yet, Black people with more money and/or assimilate, STILL face racism. <eye roll> Gee? How can this be? </eye roll>