On Black Men Who Think Only Black Men, Not Black Women, Should Critique White Supremacy

Critiquing Tim Wise's opened a Pandora's box where Black men climb out to tell me I am oppressing Black men/White men. Me, a Black woman, oppressing men? These Black men want to DOMINATE any anti-racism critique and silence Black women/women of colour.

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  1. And let me be clear. I am not "competing" with these Black men. I started my blog Gradient Lair in May 2012 to uplift Black women, protest injustice of every form and as a safe space for me and people I care about to look at cool art and shit. But they've made this a "competition." Ugh. 

    And any critique I make of White supremacy now, not even Black male privilege, WHITE SUPREMACY, which harms Black people, some Black men have called me the "real" oppressor to try to silence my critique. 

    They don't want me to get attention for my writing, critique or work. I don't even want attention! INTJ here. Fame hater here. Type A, Virgo here. Fresh outta fucks to give dot com here. I don't want fame. I want revolution. I want change. 
  2. A few of the Black men who've done this have mentioned their degrees, as if no one else has any and as if you must have one to fight injustice...