Being Bigoted Isn't Being Brave (On "Political Correctness" As A Pejorative)

Affirmation of humanity and rejection of bigotry are core to justice. Thus, anyone suggesting that these are not core and that doing so with inclusiveness and respect is just being "politically correct" where "politically correct" is a pejorative, is in opposition to justice.

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  1. (Link in case you don't understand womanism.) 
  2. (Had to add that last tweet since the media thinks they OWN our words simply because they can see our tweets and they think they have zero duty for portraying proper context.)

    Point is simple. The idea that "performing" respect via "political correctness" would not even be needed if the norm of respecting others in life and in journalism existed. The idea that it is extenuating labor to affirm the humanity of others--so much so that a request to do so is a request for "political correctness" and an unreasonable request--is pathetic. 

    And being "politically incorrect" on purpose just to harm others is not brave or being a "truth teller."
  3. BOOM! 

    (Why I sent these tweets is because of a crappy article by a White feminist (not linking; I don't give out page hits here) complained about political correctness. Like...that's antithetical to feminism. If affirming the humanity of others is a "chore" that has to be rejected, at the basic level, what are you advocating?)