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Quisling Logic

How trans quislings justify mandating themselves out of existence


  1. Jaqueline is one of those poor trans people who - for whatever reason - finds fulfillment in supporting the group that quite plainly states that they want to remove the ability of trans people to access trans medical care. The "ridiculous" tweet Jaqueline cites is the following tweet from the TransAdvocate:
  2. "Ridiculous" is how trans quislings describe the TERF plan to mandate trans people out of existence. Here are the facts:
  3. The above is a page from Janice Raymond's Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male. Note that Raymond clearly states that she wants to morally mandate "transsexualism" out of existance.
  4. Jaqueline responds with a link to Raymond's site.
  5. The site Jaqueline cites to support her claim that TERFs don't want to mandate trans people out of existence reads,"What I actually wrote in my book is the following: 'the issue of transsexualism has profound political and moral ramifications; transsexualism itself is a deeply moral question rather than a medical-technical answer. I contend that the problem of transsexualism would best be served by morally mandating it out of existence.' What this means is that I want to eliminate the medical and social systems that support transsexualism and the reasons why in a gender-defined society, persons find it necessary to change their bodies."

    No trans medical care = no trans bodies = no trans people. This is the future Jaqueline is working towards. Here's her justification:
  6. While trans quislings do enjoy the privilege of not being attacked online by TERFs (as long as they help them attack other trans people), the credulity and denial of trans quislings continues to be astonishing.