2013 MIT Mystery Hunt

The 2013 MIT Mystery Hunt started on Friday, Jan. 17 and ended on Monday afternoon. The 2012 winners and this year's planners, Manic Sages, designed a puzzle where teams where recruited to help with a heist to obtain the Mystery Hunt coin, which the company — named Enigma Valley — had locked away.


  1. Anticipation — Hunters from all over the world fly in to participate in Mystery Hunt. Many are former MIT students, but some are also pulled in by friends over the years.
  2. The Kickoff

    This year's kickoff was the first year to be held in Rockwell Cage. In previous years, the kickoff was held in Lobby 7.
  3. The Hunt begins... almost...

    The hunt was scheduled to start at 1:30 p.m. However, because of technical difficulties, the start was delayed to 2 p.m.

    "We have the software in a state where it will successfully function but there is a problem with call-ins to certain puzzles.  As a result, we could run Hunt in its current state but we would have to do a great deal of live work to mark certain puzzles as solved, and that would introduce a possibility of error that would be frustrating to all involved.  If we're unable to solve this issue by 2pm, we plan to open Hunt anyway with the current software and to send special instructions for calling in certain answers as appropriate."
  4. The hunt began at 2, but there were still some technical glitches.

    "A fix last night caused a new bug that appeared roughly two hours ago.  Most puzzles work correctly.  However, some puzzles are for the entire round and are called in from the main round page.  There seems to be a problem with those puzzles called in from the main round page: they correctly enter our call queue, and we will call you to tell you that you are correct, but marking it correct in our call queue does not always mark it as solved in the system.  Hence, although we may tell you that your answer is correct, it may not properly unlock future puzzles nor show you any messages you should receive."