What Would You Outlaw in Your Town?

After the town of Middleborough, Mass., voted to impose a $20 fine for the use of "unsavory language" in its public spaces, we broadcast an interview with the town's chairman of the board of selectmen.

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  1. Before the segment aired, we asked our listeners on Facebook "What would you outlaw in your city, if you could?"
  2. A Massachusetts town may fine residents $20 for
  3. Led by @CelesteHeadlee, Takeaway listeners on Twitter also chimed in on what they wish they could outlaw in their local communities, using the hashtag #whatwouldyououtlaw.
  4. I would ban conspiracy theorists who talk loudly in resturants and start fights with strangers.
  5. Getting an iced coffee and putting the plastic cup in a Styrofoam cup. Wasteful. All because you don't want your hand to get cold/wet. It's an iced coffee, it's supposed to be cold.
  6. Advertising. We're better off without it...
  7. I would outlaw disposable plastic grocery store bags, it is too easy to bring your own ! Cmon lazy Americans!
  8. Ridiculous-loud vehicles over a certain db level. There is no need for those absurdly loud motorcycles and Japanese cars with no muffler.
  9. Badly muffled motorcycles. A hanging offense.
  10. Leaving car and truck engines idling. Not only is it wasteful and polluting, but it's responsible for at least two deaths (children) in NYC. And actually, it's already illegal, but I guess most people don't care.
  11. Bicyclists who ride practically in the middle of the road and insist on riding two abreast.
  12. Breeding, if your IQ is below 115.
  13. ‎^crying children and barking adults
  14. Smokers who throw butts away willy-nilly.
  15. Many people wanted to outlaw bad fashion choices.