#demo2012 as it happened

Thousands of students - 10,000, according to the NUS - marched on London today in protest against the rising costs of further education. The demonstration ended with a rally in Kennington Park - where the stage was invaded by anti-NUS protestors.


  1. The NUS was ready for a big turnout, judging by the number of placards ordered...
  2. The day started well, with dry weather and a strong early turnout.
  3. Protesters weren't only interested in raising student issues...
  4. A typo on the BBC's part - or some clever Photoshopping?
  5. A large police presence aimed to eliminate any chance of the chaos seen at the last national student demonstration, in 2010.
  6. Demonstrators hoping to take their protest to Parliament were blocked by mass ranks of police.
  7. Not every demonstrator was a supporter of the event's main organiser.