Kathryn Lindsay

A Science and Engineering Librarian interested in research support and reference management


Emilie Walsh

PhD candidate in #finearts @vca_mcm @unimelb & @Univ_Rennes2. I Love #contemporayart #adventure #museum #education #3Dprinting and much more!

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Tyne Daile Sumner

Researcher at the University of Melbourne: twentieth-century American poetry & surveillance

Angie Sturrock

Gamer, geek, wife, mother, sci-fi fan, PhD candidate (ANU), reader of anything.

Teresa Crew

Interested in anything to do with #Gender, #Austerity & #Graduates. I also tweet about #NUFC. Tweets are my own. Latest article https://t.co/gtK9HsY9nW

Anna Scott

Partnerships Manager @SGSAH_. I love art and admin. Graduate of @UofGlasgow and @QMUniversity.

News, updates and the latest discussions from Vitae: realising the potential of researchers. Main updates on #vitae12


Healthy mind yearning for resolution in humanity's desolation.✌ Citizen of nowhere. @Geologist @Revolutionist @socialActivist @PeaceBuilder @UNmembo

Doris M. Drake

Spent 3 years in fashion industry. It was great experience to bringing new trends of fashion. Design sketch and presentation for development and production of Hermes handbags, mini-bags, and small leather goods.

Marie Blønd

Lab Manager @ethositu @ITU Tech Anthropologist. Experimental Data Exploration - Mobilizing Foodways - Future Energies - Counter Infrastructures - STS

Lesley Boyd

MRes/PhD student at UK Open University IET; research interest in technology-enabled organisational learning & improvement across different boundaries & contexts

Valentina Marinescu

I am a sociologist with an interest in mass media and communication. Most of my current and past research and research projects are focused on the evolution of mass media in Romania and Eastern Europe. I live in Bucharest- Romania – and I teach at the University of Bucharest. http://valentinamarinescu.ro/


Spent my childhood in New York and North Carolina. After graduating from art school in 1999, I drew attention for public readings from my diaries, leading to an acclaimed appearance on NPR in 2008.