Regina Jackson

I am an administrator at Mesquite High School. My goal is to ensure each day that kids have an experience today that opens doors for their tomorrow.

Kathryn Lindsay

A Science and Engineering Librarian interested in research support and reference management


Emilie Walsh

PhD candidate in #finearts @vca_mcm @unimelb & @Univ_Rennes2. I Love #contemporayart #adventure #museum #education #3Dprinting and much more!

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Tyne Daile Sumner

Researcher at the University of Melbourne: twentieth-century American poetry & surveillance

Angie Sturrock

Gamer, geek, wife, mother, sci-fi fan, PhD candidate (ANU), reader of anything.

Teresa Crew

Interested in anything to do with #Gender, #Austerity & #Graduates. I also tweet about #NUFC. Tweets are my own. Latest article

Anna Scott

Partnerships Manager @SGSAH_. I love art and admin. Graduate of @UofGlasgow and @QMUniversity.

News, updates and the latest discussions from Vitae: realising the potential of researchers. Main updates on #vitae12


Healthy mind yearning for resolution in humanity's desolation.✌ Citizen of nowhere. @Geologist @Revolutionist @socialActivist @PeaceBuilder @UNmembo

Doris M. Drake

Spent 3 years in fashion industry. It was great experience to bringing new trends of fashion. Design sketch and presentation for development and production of Hermes handbags, mini-bags, and small leather goods.

Marie Blønd

Lab Manager @ethositu @ITU Tech Anthropologist. Experimental Data Exploration - Mobilizing Foodways - Future Energies - Counter Infrastructures - STS

Lesley Boyd

MRes/PhD student at UK Open University IET; research interest in technology-enabled organisational learning & improvement across different boundaries & contexts