Is Coolsculpting an Effective Body Fat Treatment?

They say it is safer and a better alternative than liposuction. What is the truth? Should we even consider it? Find out here.


  1. Coolsculpting reviews: 5 Things to know before considering
  2. Coolsculpting is a non surgical permanent fat reduction. There has been 1.3 million treatment world wide and hundreds of journal reporting the science behind it. A recent study shows that 86 percent satisfactorily with patients after a single procedure. 89% would even recommend to their close friends. This procedure under the right circumstances does work but it is very dependent on the knowledge & the experience of the surgeon. The most important thing you can do is pick the right doctor.
  3. The first thing you must ask yourself is: Are you a good candidate? A knowledgeable clinician will tell you if you are or not. You must know what type of fat you have. Generally speaking there are two kinds of fat. Visceral fat (located underneath the muscle) and subcutaneous fat (right underneath your skin, soft, pinchable). You may opt for diet and exercises if you want to remove the visceral fat. Like mentioned earlier there are many options for getting rid of subcutaneous fat i.e: tummy tuck, liposuction, and coolsculpting (more like a body contouring procedure), or other laser treatments.