Overview of How Skipping Occurs in Your Chain Video

Overview of How Skipping Occurs in Your ChainDescriptionThe video is an overview why skipping occurs in you chain. It describes that there is a mismat


  1. Overview of How Skipping Occurs in Your Chain


    The video is an overview why skipping occurs in you chain. It describes that there is a mismatch between the cogs and the chain.


    Another thing that can cause skipping of your chain is a mismatch between the chain and the cogs. If the chain is new and the cogs are worn, then the chain will skip. If the cogs are new and the chain is worn, the chain can skip, and similarly if the chain and cog wear in together they will tend to stay engaging relatively. Well, you really want to look at the cogs that you use the most. In this case, these are the cogs from the middle of the cassette. On these you can see a lot where here you have some pushed out metal and more of a hook shape to the teeth. The spacing between these teeth is now wider and when a new chain is on there then that means that not every single roller is engaging in a tooth, only the first one is, it's pulling because these were all be loose. Then you can check cog wear, the Rohloff HG Check tool. The real test for whether a cog is worn is, it skips with your new chain, this tool is somewhat useful and that you can lay the chain in there, holds it back up. So it's trying to ride up, this chain is obviously new and to write the correct spacing, it's trying to ride up out of these teeth which is what causes the chain to skip. Now on a new one. If I play the chain in there, plays in there nice and then I pull, nothing happened. This demonstrates difference between a worn cog and a new cog with the Rohloff HG Check tool.

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    Overview of How Skipping Occurs in Your Chain

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