#ICAR2017 - Career Panel - Danforth Center

Natalie Breakfield, Tiffany Lucas, Dann Adair, Chelly Hresko, Annie Saltarikos


  1. In this Storify you will find the many helpful insights and tips offered by the Industry Career Panel for one of the Workshops at ICAR 2017 (in 140 characters or less of course). Here at The Pub Club / The COM, "Diverse Skill Development" and "Strategic Career Management" are two of the top priorities, so our members will find much of what was discussed familiar. As the founder of TPC / The COM, I (Bethany Huot) found it encouraging to hear these distinguished panelists advocating for these issues. Because the topic and advice are near and dear to TPC / The COM, I have mixed in relevant articles we have written and posted on our website, TheCOMonline.net, since 2014. You will find that, whether in Industry or Academia, the data are in: 'Your Career Isn't What's Next - It's What's Now." I hope you find this helpful in applying these strategies while navigating your chosen career path.