Why was Cody Hodgson traded?

His agent, Ritch Winter, got into it with Canucks fans on Twitter today and shed some light on events leading up to Hodgson's deadline trade.


  1. You might recall back in January a post by Daniel Wager of Pass It To Bulis, who noticed that our own Tony Gallagher seemed to be making a big deal out of Cody Hodgson's ice time. Wagner speculated that perhaps Hodgson's agent, Ritch Winter, had been planting a bug in Gallagher's ear about the issue.
  2. Four weeks later, Winter wrote an epic 6,000+ word blog post basically saying that Wagner was irresponsibly fantasizing and that he (Winter) wouldn't be speaking to the media any more. He also wrote that he would no longer speak to the public except through his hockey agents' blog, Agents of Change.
  3. Fast forward to Monday, and Cody Hodgson gets traded to Buffalo in a surprise deal at the deadline. Here's where things get interesting. Following the trade, Winter (whose Twitter handle is @HockeyAgentDad) speaks via Twitter and sheds some light on events prior to the trade. We'll let Twitter take it from here.
  4. And then Winter speaks of a meeting between Hodgson and Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault on Saturday:
  5. And acknowledges this:
  6. Some other fans weighed in, too, as well as our own Jason Botchford.