Bus Ado About Nothing

Various shared media from the Much Ado About Nothing bus tour to South by Southwest. But first, the trailer. Note: Items are in the order originally posted, which might not be real world chronological order.

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  1. Much Ado About Nothing - Official Trailer (HD) Joss Whedon
  2. @carpylou and Alexis ❤ otherwise known as Señor Benedick and Lady Beatrice #muchadomovie
  3. Everyone in this movie is more beautiful than me :( #MuchAdoSXSW #BusAdo
  4. Meet the incredibly vocally trained cast of 'Bus Ado About Nothing'! #muchadosxsw
  5. This makes it look like the movie may star us to which I say yeah whatever maybe it does ok??
  6. Hour 2, spirits remain high. Spirits have also started being imbibed. #muchadosxsw
  7. Plenty of socializing happening here on the bus. #muchadosxsw
  8. I'm learning how to use Vine. Not very good yet.
  9. This #MuchAdosxsw bus ride is getting boring. @MuchAdoFilm