The good, the bad and the irrelevant: Monday

There were many tweets about CarolinaFest and the DNC Monday. Some were funny. Others not. Here's a look at what the Twittersphere had to say about Charlotte.


  1. Look who came to visit the Observer! And city editor Hope Paasch made Jesse Jackson lunch.
  2. Someone should have told him that the good stuff was coming for dinner.
  3. Delegates took a look at their gift bags today. Some were pleased. 
  4. Others were confused.
  5. Delegates and volunteers continued arriving in Charlotte today. Opinions and first impressions of the city varied. 
  6. It wasn't all smooth sailing Monday. CarolinaFest caused some traffic snarls and parking was at a premium.
  7. Many still enjoyed CarolinaFest uptown, despite the hot weather and police presence. 
  8. It seems there was some confusion with the credentials.
  9. And no day at the convention is complete without a little political banter.