Second GOP debate, inconsequential overall.

11 candidates came together for the GOP debate to discuss a variety of topics, give one liners, and discuss what he-said and she-said.


  1. The night began with introductions, and of course Trump reminded us of his book and billions of dollars.

  2. The opening question asked candidates if Trump became President would they trust him with the nuclear codes? America seemed to be on the same page.
  3. Walker left no confusion on where he stood regarding Trump.
  4. Walker to Trump: 'We don't need an apprentice in the White House
  5. The debate then turned to the Middle East and what the candidates would do to resolve the situation. In short everyone hates the Jihadist and....
  6. the candidates couldn't agree on what to do in the Middle East.
  7. But one thing was certain, they want to fight.
  8. There was no talk of the current racial tension in the country or on education, but they did talk about climate change, barely.
  9. Marco Rubio On Climate Change: "America is Not a Planet"
  10. More important matters were discussed like who would go on the $10 bill,
  11. Then Fiorina objected to changing the 10 dollar bill.