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Twitter Facts You Should Know (Part III) - Indexing Versus Social Traffic

This video is really long and rambling, and I don’t expect you to watch the whole thing. But below you can find all of the primary points explained.


  1. This video is really long and rambling, and I don’t expect you to watch the whole thing. But here are the primary points I am making. There are a lot of rumors running around about twitter pages and retweets helping you rank for everything from Press Releases to blog pages. These claims confuse the 3 main issues: Indexing, Ranking (for keywords and long tail shingles), to actual social traffic.Social traffic signals are not the same as indexing factors, and no matter what ANYONE tells you, nobody is really sure about how they influence each other.
  2. Part 3: Twitter Cybernetics (Search Indexing Versus Social Traffic via Retweets)
  3. Further, Google is still making up its mind.Ranking well (or high) for a keyword term is a different topic than merely getting a term indexed. Holding multiple positions (roadblock) for a keyword is another matter as well. Ugly bookmark pages and nasty looking article directories  are not very interesting to me when it comes to “roadblocks”.Twitter pages do not get spidered by Googlebot automatically. They simply don’t crawl them. Matt Cutts confirms that here.
  4. Do URL shorteners pass anchor text?
  5. There are much EASIER ways to get both a social signal and an indexed social page at the same time, on autopilot. No copy and paste required. This should include things like a twitter tweet-page <  > which I absolutely require because I ONLY use Downstream Thinking. Almost everything else is a waste of time and a huge pain in the ass.
  6. Things like social monkey and social adr try to do the same thing with bookmarks and tweets and other mayhem. Take huge amounts of time. Results: marginal.Twitter tweets can (and should) be automated downstream of your original blog or blog network.This is especially profitable if you have targeted followers that you have either jacked from industry leaders, purchased from targeted sources (against twitters terms of service- not recommended) or built yourself via twitter farming (recommended).
  7. .All social platforms, in fact, should be downstream from your primary site, but with real followers. You can automate some stuff, and not others.Tweets are not crawled by Google so you need to take a couple of approaches to get them indexed, which will help for both indexing and ranking.
  8. But Russell, how do I get stuff into Google Plus Automatically. (cough, ahem . . . exactly). There are evil ways. One not-so-evil way is Hootsuite that will only publish to Google Plus PAGES – which is great, but not good enough for me. The other is a rather undependable wordpress plugin called Gplus Automagic poster. Every so often I will need to go kick-start the darn thing, because it has busted or hung up again on one of my various blogs. Other solutions are in the work. There is a way to publish to Google plus via SMS text, but it does not upload images very well, and looks, well, unformatted to say the least.