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The Secret SEO Meeting in Phoenix – Better Than PBNs?


  1. This is going to be a crazy month for opportunities, so here is a short newsletter to help you “pencil in” some important Network Empire events that will probably be of interest to you.

  2. 1. Bring Your Own Silo Website and/or Silo Website Questions Monthly Private Webinar:

  3. All paid Network Empire members should get signed up for the private webinar next week called “Bring Your Own Silo Website and Silo Questions”.
  4. You may have noticed that it was delayed a week for the launch of the Swallow Your Market Whole “Tech Foundation Training” 1 Course which kicked off with a BANG today. All paid Network Empire members at every level qualify for this webby!
  5. To reserve your seat for the “Bring Your Own Silo Site and Silo Questions” webinar please login to the members only sign up area:
  6. More News:

  7. 2. Semantic Web Members Only Hang Out with Author of “Google Semantic Search”:

  8. If you are a student of the Semantic Web Training Course ( Located at ) you are not going to miss the upcoming Google hangouts with David Amerland, author of the book “Google Semantic Search”.
  9. Here is a link to the book website if you want to know more:
  10. 3. “Ultimate Evil” Team Meeting at Sue Bell’s Desert Retreat and Secret Lab:

  11. There will be Clandestine Team Meeting at Theme Zoom Secret Labs where we will bring together the best minds in with the most innovative twists on traditional PBNs (Private Blog Networks) to deal the final death blow to 2010 style PBNs once and for all with our Semantically Aware, Socially Activated, Traffic Magnet, Sustainable PBBN/CBBN, or Personal Brand Broadcasting Network / Corporate Brand Broadcasting Network.
  12. Much of this “Death Star Factory” has been fully “operational” for some time. But thanks to recent developments stemming from our presence at the OMG SEO Nashville Live event, we have acquired new team members and talents that moved these massive networks into full real-time production.
  13. This new team of technology masters and traffic ninjas will be present here in Phoenix starting next week.

  14. The doors will be locked.

  15. The coffee will be on drip feed.

  16. And although there is a bedroom for every team member here in the Theme Zoom retreat mansion, it is unlikely that anyone will be allowed to sleep. Sue has already made that perfectly clear.
  17. This same team will be your instructors at the Live Broadcast Network Building Event in May, 2014!  Wow!
  18. The Team: