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The Magical Krakken Automatic Silo System (Webby)


  1. Krakken Meet the Beast Webinar - Feb 13, 2014
  2. Above is the Webinar Replay for Krakken “Meet The Beast” and here are some interesting events that happened during the webinar:

  3. People wanted us to explain exactly what Krakken does, so we jumped right into it.

  4. We showed how Krakken can publish a blueprint directly to the Video Silo Plugin for WordPress.

  5. We talked about the upcoming development of the Video Krakken plugin and the “never-ending Youtube Video Publishing” that will be available to members of the Automatic Video Traffic Advanced Certification Course.

  6. Several people on this call had “Light Bulb” moments, when we explained that Krakken is a Vertical Market Research Tool and not a “keyword research tool” – so the reason you enter “broad single keyword SEED terms” is because Krakken likes you to view all the lesser competitive keywords from the “highest peak” in order to survey the terrain. This is why Krakken is considered a theme research tool, and not NOT a keyword research tool.

  7. We also discussed the Done For You Krakken Service called Automagic Silo System.

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