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Social Explosion - WP Plugin (Members Only)


  1. Ok, we are launched for Network Empire Members Only.

  2. You will need to log into your private network empire members area in order to grab the members only price point:

  3. The much awaited Social Explosion WordPress Plugin is not like anything you have seen before.

  4. Social Explosion is not a WordPress Plugin that merely tweets and posts to social accounts that YOU have to set up and groom, like Onlywire, Twitter Autoposter, SNAP and many many other plugins on the market.

  5. You do not have to “Build Your Own Twitter Army” or anything like this. It is plug-and-play. In fact, you do not have to set up anything, because your posts and content are sent to the Network Empire Social Signal Exchange Network, without you doing any work at all.

  6. Here is a video that covers the basics of this all new Network Empire plugin that is giving us crazy traffic results:

  7. WP Social Explosion Mass Traffic Plugin
  8. Please be advised that this is a 3 phase roll out launch in terms of pricing for the set-up fee.

  9. 1. For paid Network Empire Members, the set-up fee for the unlimited blog install is $47.00 until March 1st,
  10. 2. then the set-up fee will be $97.00 for the remainder of the pre-launch,
  11. 3. the price will then raise to $147.00.
  12. Obviously, this plugin alone is worth the cost of a “Basic” Network Empire subscription, if you are not a member already, visit:

  13. This plugin is extremely powerful, and you are going to be hearing more about it. To get started with your members-only WP Social Explosion Set-up and subscription, please login to the members area to purchase:

  14. Urgent Note:

  15. WP Social is BRAIN DEAD Simple . . . Plug and Play.

  16. This has confused a lot of people, because they are used to Network Empire Software Products requiring a few days to a few weeks of training for earth shattering results, rankings and traffic.

  17. Our customers don’t know what to do when we give you access to a “One-Step-Wonder Plugin” like social explosion. But here it is!

  18. You Don’t Need To Create Social Accounts! We Have Real Ones For You!

  19. So. Listen!

  20. You do NOT need to set up any social media accounts to use this plugin, like you would in Onlywire and almost every other social syndication services like that.

  21. Nor will you have to deal with any terribly confusing control panel interface issues that exist in other syndication services. (Yeah, you know the one’s we are talking about.)

  22. Let me say it again. You do NOT need to set up any accounts, add followers or sweeten your profile, because you will be joining the Network Empire Social Signal Exchange.