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Silo Blog Empire Builder: Market Domination Process

The replay of this week's Silo Blog Empire Builder webinar hosted by Russell Wright and Sue Bell is now available.


  1. Network Empire SEO Blog Empire Product Suite Demonstration
  2. Sue Bell shows Network Empire Members the step by step process towards Market Domination.

  3. As one of the first steps, Sue shows how to use the LARI filter in The Last Keyword Tool in order to obtain the most relevant keywords for each of your silos, then export the list.
  4. The next step is to create a new Empire in the Network Empire Builder.
  5. Sue then walks the viewer through the Network Empire Builder, from importing keywords, to creating business rules, choosing silos and finally exporting the website blueprint.
  6. Russell Wright chips in with a few knowledge tips:

  7. "It's actually cheaper in some ways to build an authority site then going "hunting and pecking". The reason this works is that when you start to stack ideas, themes and shingles then you start to get buoyancy to those more difficult themes as you begin to invest in your backlinks."
  8. Russell goes on to say that "Although the web is changing and it doesn't work precisely the same way it did before, because of social signals and the rest, just remember that you are going to pay a lot less up front for doing that right and it's cheaper by the dozen, then it is a "hunt and peck" game and invest a whole lot of time in tiny things that don't give you a huge return on investment.
  9. Network Empire Builder (ex. DWS) allows you to calculate your business decision rules, or in other words, what is your product and your conversion rate so you can determine if that authority site is a good investment.

  10. The final step is to import your perfectly SEO siloed website blueprint into WordPress with the help of the V-Silo builder plugin offered by Network Empire.

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  13. About the Authors

  14. Who is Sue Bell:
  15. Sue Bell is the founder and CEO of Theme Zoom LLC and Semantic Revolution. As the co-creator and mastermind behind Theme Zoom’s ‘Krakken’ Search Engine Marketing Tool and The Last Keyword Tool, she also played a significant role in the creation of Domain Web Studio (DWS)

  16. Who is John GALT (We Mean Russell Wright)?:
  17. Russell Wright is an entrepreneur, futurist, tech-inventor, postmodern technology shaman, neurotheologist and co-founder of both Theme Zoom and Network Empire LLC.