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Rare Live Events and Network Empire Software Updates


  1. Here are announcements and new software updates!

  2. Updates to the Video SEO Silo Plugin:

  3. Please download the new 1.5.1 Version of the Video Silo Plugin at the following locations.
  4. You will need to use your original username and password to log into these locations.
  5. Regular members basic, pro and enterprise members, login and go to your original here:

    Regular Network Empire Members

  6. If you purchased the plugin from WF you will need to go here:

    OMG and WF Access

  7. Also, please remember that there is an ever-growing help file for the Video Silo Plugin located here:

    Video Silo Plugin Helpfile

  8. Updates to Painfinder Software:

  9. The Painfinder Software Applications (Basic) is now available as a stand alone product for a limited time.
  10. This means even non-members can have access to this amazing tool. If you are interested, you may go here:

    Purchase Painfinder

  11. I know it sounds a bit “hypee” to say that I use this software every day to get High Quality traffic from Quora in 15 minutes or less, but it is 100% true.

  12. You can follow the same techniques in the members area without using Painfinder but it takes several additional hours- and is a total drag.

  13. The ever-growing Painfinder Help File (with video tutorials) is now located here:

    The Painfinder Software Helpfile and Tutorial

  14. Network Empire PRO members! You already have access to the Painfinder Application. Go Here:

    Network Empire Software Control Panel

  15. Announcement: Sue Bell and Russell Wright Live in Nashville?

  16. As you may have guessed, we don’t get out much. Most of what we talk about is behind closed doors at our live Certification Events.
  17. These events are very expensive. Like 15K per seat.
  18. But in November, you will have the opportunity to be present with us and a few other people in Nashville- along with several other industry giants.