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HummZilla Webinar Part 2: By Popular Demand


  1. Hello,

  2. Since Google’s Hummingbird Update there has been a lot of buzz about the Semantic Web without much authentic understanding.
  3. Our first company, Theme Zoom, launched in 2006 in full anticipation of the Semantic Web.
  4. We launched Krakken, a natural language processing market research application in 2008. Sue Bell was talking about the Semantic Web way back then, and honestly, I had no idea what she was talking about. I do now. LOL
  5. Fast forward to 2013.
  6. 3 Weeks ago our Hummzilla webinar launched to a completely sold out group of Network Empire members.
  7. There are several reasons why you are not going to want to miss Part 2. Find out here:

  8. Here are some concerns I have personally that encouraged us to give priority to the Hummzilla conversion:

  9. 1) Students are installing so-called “semantic” plugins on their blogs. Almost all of these are substandard or written over a year ago.
  10. 2) Students are overly worried about the wrong things. The Semantic Web is not what most people think.
  11. 3) Students are looking for quick fixes with and “SEO Mindset” which is precisely the wrong way to look at the Semantic Web.
  12. 4) . . . and much more.
  13. I look forward to seeing you on the webinar.

  14. *Please be advised that you must be a Network Empire “Basic” member in order to attend this highly classified event.
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