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How to Stop Facebook from Sharing Your Location When You Update Your Status

Great article from PC World on the annoying "forced location" status update "feature" in Facebook.


  1. We have noticed that Facebook "all-of-the-sudden" forced you to provide the "location" of each one of your posts. 

    If you’ve noticed this as well, you’ve probably pored through Facebook’s settings in search of a way to turn it off. Amazingly, there is no such setting—not that I could find, anyway. But there is a way to disable this unwanted location awareness, and it’s hiding in plain sight.

    When you click in the Update Status box, you’ll see your closest city listed in the gray bar along the bottom. I probably looked at this a hundred times without actually realizing what it was or why it was there—it just kind of snuck under the radar.

  2. All you have to do there is to click that "x" to remove the location and obviously, do not enter the location manually when Facebook asks you to, after you remove your location.

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