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Hot: SEO Co-occurrence – Google’s New Patent (Video)


  1. SEO Co-occurrence Matrix – Google’s New Patent

  2. The following regular members update video turned into a full-blown rant when our software architect Sue Bell, decided to expose the meaning behind the new Google co-occurrence patent.
  3. Yeah, we get all of the SEO marketing material out there. The sky is “always falling” and SEO is “always almost dead” and everything is “changing” because someone loses a ranking on their “one keyword wonder” exact match domain for a day or two.
  4. Guys, very little has changed if you have done things right from the beginning. Co-occurrence keyword diversity (on-page and off-page) is a part of this “done right” stuff we are talking about. In fact the VERY FIRST EVER video I did online with my flip-cam in 2007 was called What is the co-occurrence matrix?
  5. Theme Zoom Version 1.0 was being built in 2007, and I was scared to death to talk in front of a camera. It was pretty terrible. Back then, Sue Bell checked our videos for accuracy and she said “Not perfect, but nobody will “get” co-occurrence for another five years, so you can use it for the sales page”. LOL!
  6. So here we are. Not five but six years later. (That is like a hundred ice-ages in internet time.) And very little has actually changed in terms of natural language parsing and keyword relationships on Google since Sue and I started Theme Zoom. Google itself has become more diversified, with more departments, more servers and data-centers, and a new big government contract . . but the core language relationship technologies remain essentially the same. Guys, there are certain epi-principles that don’t change, no matter how big your server farm or have fast your data compression.
  7. In the following free video, Sue and I get “into it” about Google’s new (finalized) patent on co-occurrence and keyword matching. They finally sealed the deal on what they were already using and what we already knew – that co-occurrence will become “more and more” a function of on-site and off-site ranking filters. This is why Sue wrote co-occurrence “algos” into Krakken and other Network Empire tools as early as 2007. In the following video, and other coming soon, Sue will explain exactly what this means for your “Exact Match Domains” and “one-keyword-wonder-websites” – which is why everyone is screaming “the sky is falling the sky is falling”.
  8. The sky is ALWAYS falling when you are underneath the clouds. Get some elevation! Zoom out! That is why we called it “Theme ZOOM” in 2006. We did not call it “SEO Zoom”. Moz removed SEO from their name for a reason. (Smart Move Rand!) Similarly, we knew we should not even add SEO to our name. ; – )
  9. So, this video is “Hot” enough that we slapped it behind a page- but an email gets non-members the complete talk by former-military software architect and programmer Sue Bell. Don’t worry current members, we are not adding you to yet another email list. If you are already on our main email members list, you will not be added again, only passed to Sue Bell’s interview video page:
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  11. Special Thanks to all of the new members who have patiently supported us and helped us “ramp up” as we simultaneously program several enterprise applications at the same time! Also inside is our announcement of the NEW VERSION of the Video Silo WordPress Plugin, that includes Thumbnail Images on the Sidebar Menu and much more.
  12. - Russell Wright and the Network Empire Team
  13. P.S. – Don’t you DARE look up that 2007 co-occurrence video and watch it, it is perfectly awful . . .

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