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Forget Google’s Hummingbird – Hummzilla is HERE!

Forget the HummingBird Update! Get Ready for the HummZilla Semantic Web Filter The GrandDaddy of All Google SEO Content Spam Filters!


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  2. How To Avoid Being Filtered Out By Hummzilla!

  3. The “Emergency” In A Nutshell:

    The Theme Zoom Semantic Web Team predicts the end of All Web Spam in the Next 1460 Days.

    (Other Well-Known Semantic Web Experts Outside Our Company Believe This Could Happen As Quickly as Christmas of 2013).

  4. Hello Everyone, Russell Wright here.
  5. I am the co-founder of Theme Zoom LLC, a Semantic SEO Technology Company.
  6. We are creators of Krakken, the original SEO Silo Architecture Software. We have been programming natural language processing algorithms since 2006, and we have been anticipating Google’s full adoption of The Semantic Web for over ten years. Now the Semantic Web is here because Google has committed to it with big bucks.
  7. Nothing that we reveal here is a mere prediction – just facts, although we did make an “educated guess” as to a precise roll-out date for Google’s new Spam-Munching semantic machinery. Before we released this information to you, we carefully followed the Google-Money and carefully align the facts. That being said, on the topic of the Semantic Web, our predictions are expert – because we live, eat, and breathe this stuff. So, if we say “The Sky Is Falling” it is.
  8. So instead of causing undue alarm, we have launched a “solution-rich” ongoing Semantic Optimization Webinar Series. This info will provide clear strategies. It will show you what to stop doing immediately if you want your web content to survive.
  9. The goal of this series is to help you prepare for what we jokingly call “HummZilla” – our pet name for the biggest ever Google spam filter. We coined this pet name because it is about 1 Billion Times more powerful than the recent Hummingbird Semantic Mini-Change. In fact, Hummzilla is so MASSIVE and all-encompassing that it can hardly be called a mere “filter”. In reality, it is a complete structural change to the web and how Google references your facts . . . and this disruptive technology makes it impossible for “Spam” to exist in the first place!
  10. Whoah!
  11. This is not science fiction. This deal is SEALED. Google and Bing both agreed, and Hummingbird is only the first tiny murmur of the New Semantic Web and its built-in Existential Spam Shredder.
  12. Here are the bullet points our Semantic Web Team will cover in the upcoming webinar series:

  13. * Follow The Money:

  14. Google has billions invested in Semantic technologies. These acquisitions leave breadcrumbs that lead to the utter annihilation of all Spam and unstructured or auto-generated content. Here are only a few of the weapons Google purchased to make HummZilla possible:
  15. 1. Google buys MetaWeb – July 2010 – A company at the bleeding edge of teaching the web to think for itself. By combining core semantic technologies with innovative ways of making the web smarter, such as linking entities instead of keywords, there would be a sustainable improvement in efficiency and accuracy.
  16. 2. Google funds Israeli ‘Regret Artificial Intelligence Algorithm’ – April 2011 – allows computers to see the future. Systems can much more quickly process all the available information to estimate the future as events unfold – whether it’s a bidding war on an online auction site, a sudden spike of traffic to a media website, or demand for an online product.
  17. 3. Google buys Knowledge Graph – May 2012 which uses structured data to conveniently bypass individual websites and land searchers on facts for which they were actually looking when they entered their query. This is particularly helpful in cases when names apply to multiple people or things.
  18. Introducing the Knowledge Graph
  19. 4. Google buys Wavii, the Natural Language Processing technology that now interfaces with Google Knowledge Graph.