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Finally! Create RSS Feeds From Google Plus Ones!

Russell Wright of reveals how to create an RSS Feed from your Google Plus Status Updates and even your Google +1 Stream.


  1. Video - How To Create an RSS Feed for Your Google Plus Updates:

  2. How to Easily Create a Google Plus RSS
  3. Many people have serious frustration when trying to make RSS Feeds out of their Google Plus status updates and Plus Ones.

    I was so frustrated in fact that I finally had to design my own personal software application (Called Google Plus RSS Maker)  in order to make this happen.

    One of the common hacks was to use Yahoo Pipes. This no longer works- so you can ignore such answers and solutions.

    We believe that there is an important SEO related reason why Google does NOT provide an RSS feed for your Google plus personal feed. We talk about all of this in our Google Plus Elearning Course. Google also does not provide an RSS feed for your Google Plus Biz Pages. Additionally, the +1 "shallow plus" does not have a feed by default, and I had to build software that accomplishes this, because I love to use the +1 function as a sort of "curation method". When I plus something, I like to make sure I send it out to the RSS directories - which drives more traffic to my website. Above is the  video that I created in order to help you understand the solution to this problem.
  4. Screen Shot from the Google Plus RSS Maker Software:

  5. Google Plus RSS Feed Maker Software
    Google Plus RSS Feed Maker Software
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  10. About The Author:

  11. Russell Wright is a tech-inventor, thought-leader, business coach, and professional curator at Network Empire

    He is most known for the creation of the Theme Zoom Vertical Online Market Analysis and  Web Marketing Tool

    Currently Russell is developing the One Feed to Rule Them All Technology Integrates SEO Website Silo Architecture, Social Media Status Update, and Premium Content Curation via RSS Feed Integration.