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Automatic Content? The Free WP Plugin for SEO Silo Architecture

Russell Wright of Network Empire answers questions about the Free SEO Silo Architecture Plugin


  1. Hello Russell and Sue,

    I downloaded your Free SEO Silo Plugin at I would have happily have paid for this. Here are some questions. 

  2. Question 1.) after you build out your silo structure- you then have to go back in and actually add the articles correct??? So you can also embed video and also images.. all this needs to be done manually??

  3. Free SEO Silo Plugin FAQ #1: Do I need to add my own silo content to wordpress?
  4. Answer: In this version of the free plugin, yes, you will need to go back and add the video content and/or regular content. In the (upcoming) paid version, videos will be added automatically as an option. This is called VSkilo (Video Skeleton Silo Architecture). We are expecting the release of the VSkilo Plugin in the next few days. Here is a video to answer this question more clearly - as the answer is mutli-level:
  5. Question 2.) What do you suggest AFTER your completely done with the site after the initial build with regards to adding more content.. you just keep adding articles under each silo.. is there away to automate this??

  6. Free SEO Silo Plugin FAQ #2: Can I Automate The SEO Silo Plugin as Far as Content?
  7. Answer: That is a great question and - the answer is that the free SEO Silo Plugin does not provide content. You have to figure out how you want to add content like any other blogger. I do have automatic ways to add content to my sites, but such methods are reserved for my students of and Theme Zoom Certification Students who attend live events or webinar events. If you are going to automate content, you really need to know what you are doing. I actually recommend content curation and RSS feed curation. Also, please be aware of Big Bad Google's definition of content spam.  
  8. Question 3.) by installing this.. would you advise NOT installing other plugins?? ex; all in one seo, etc?? do we install standard about us, contact, privacy, page?? apart from the silo structures??

  9. Free SEO Silo Plugin FAQ #3: Can I Use Other SEO Plugins Like Yoast SEO with SEO Silo Plugin?
  10. Answer: Remember that this plugin changes the STRUCTURE of the site and is only changing the data and pages heirarchy of the website. It does NOT add metatag data and/or SEO tag functionality like Wordpress SEO plugins such as Yoast, SEO Ultimate and others. This means that you can use any SEO tagging plugin of your choice with no conflict of interest. Also note, however, that none of the SEO plugins out there do a perfect job of changing the linking structure of Wordpress to make this "SEO silo structure" happen, and if they attempt to do this, they are overly complicated and clumsy in their execution. 

    As far as Privacy Pages and other additional pages, you will have to create these on your own, yes. These are not included in the plugin at this time, but that is NOT a terrible idea for a future addition. Thank you! 

  11. Question 4.) How does your Krakken Market Research Software fit into this??

  12. Free SEO Silo Plugin FAQ #4: Does Your Krakken Market Research Software Work With This Plugin?
  13. The video will show you how to import Krakken into the Free SEO Silo Plugin. It is not yet widely known that this plugin allows you to import Krakken, because I have not started marketing this feature. So, keep it to youself for now. LOL (Krakken Vertical Market Research Software is so powerful, we barely market it, but use it ourselves to dominate markets. It AUTOMAGICALLY Chooses best silo landing pages and and articles based on co-occurrence and total yearly cost per click of a given keyword as a heuristc (best-choice-maker) device. 
  14. Question 5.) How does your Network Empire Traffic Software (formerly called Domain Web Studio) fit into this?? 

  15. Free SEO Silo Plugin FAQ #5: Does NE Silo Blog Empire (DWS) Software Work With This Plugin?
  16. The free SEO Silo Blog builder has the option to directly import the Network Empire Blueprint XML scaffolding for a complete site. BIt does it in the same way it imports the Krakken XML Blueprint in the previous question. 
  17. Question 6.) Do you guys have a completed operating silo site as an example??

  18. Yes. But these are demos for proper menu silo structures only (these sites are not real live product sites, etc):
    Check out the Free SEO Silo Wordpress plugin in action here:

  19. SEO Silo Menu and Structure Demo Only: 
  20. SEO Silo Menu and Structure Demo Only: 
  21. Hey! I Wanna Download the Free SEO Silo Wordpress Plugin Too! 

  22. Ok, here is the link to our download page. Enjoy. And remember, we love you: