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Content Curation, Social Media and Indirect Sales

Real Time News Curator Robin Good Chides Developer Guillaume De Cugis about the technical meaning of curation in contrast to Magazine-Making. But what is really being said?


  1. Content Curation Versus Meaning Curation
    Content Curation Versus Meaning Curation
  2. "Leadership IS Sales" - Donald Trump

  3. 12 Steps to Real World Content Curation (Cybernetics and Beyond)
  4. "Thought Leadership IS Contextual Sales" - Russell Wright

  5. To find out more about this debate, read Robin Good's entire post:
  6. Also read the comments by clicking the comments drop down button, where the conversation took place:
  7. Russell Wright (of rants about "content curation" versus "meaning curation" (12 minutes): 
  8. "Content Curation is not about helping people reduce 'information overload' - it is about helping to reduce 'Potential Meaning' overload. Such a service is therefore indirect sales, or "contextual selling" - Russell Wright

  9. "Many people curate topics that they are passionate about . . . and passion sells . . . directly or indirectly." 

  10. "There is no such thing as information overload . . . there is only potential meaning overload" - David Allen

  11. Both content and meaning curation relate to the subject of heuristics and decision making. Curators need to consider their own role in influencing the decisions made by others as a response to their personal curation efforts. Inventor and entrepreneur Russell Wright has developed concepts along these lines, including ACV (acceptance for cognitive value) which could help curators think more clearly and honestly about "Curation-as-Persuasion": 
  12. We are passionate about reducing "potential meaning" overload as value added. Join us to learn more about this topic. We want you to be truly empowered to create new meaning: