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Crazy Power Coming Your Way! - For Network Empire Members

A Few Quick Announcements


  1. 1. The All New “Website and Blog Builder Visual Blueprint” (<- Careful, it’s Loaded)

  2. We are going to be unveiling the new Website and Blog Builder Visual Blueprint to all members in the form of a
    video-step-by-step walk-through with Theme Zoom Architect, Sue Bell. This video should be released in the next 72 hours.
  3. For now, you can get a sneak peek at the new map in the Network Empire members area start page. Even non-members can have a peek at it before we lock it down.
  4. 2. New Facebook Tricks and Tips Section in the Members Area:

  5. There is a new section under “Traffic” for members. It covers Facebook Tips and Tricks. The new video shows how to add a site-wide Facebook Likebox using a plugin that I also give you in the module:
  6. Members Only: Facebook Tips and Tricks (We will leave this video unlocked for the public for 2 days)
  7. This is not the only way to accomplish such a task, but it is one that I use for WR2 blogs. (If you are unfamiliar with our cultish acronyms, you can read up on that topic here:
  8. 3. The Webinar This Week = DON’T MISS IT!

  9. The topic this week will be “How To Create Bolt-On Website Silo Architecture For Extant Websites”
  10. Sign up for it here, I think you will really enjoy it: 
  11. I look forward to seeing you on the call. Yes, replays will be available for Members Only.

  12. - Russell Wright and the Network Empire Team