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"Content Curation" is the New "Buzzword" in the Warriors Forum, But Who Gets It?

Russell Wright of was astounded by the amount of uneducated "buzz" in the Warrior Forum, around the topic of "content curation."


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  2. A series of threads around the topic of "content curation" has hit the Warriors Forum as the topic is rehashed and re-sold. Sadly, none of the threads really hit the nail on the head- giving a beginner the impression that "content curation" is an old concept- with nothing new really happening around the topic: 
  3. Content Curation: Corporate Versus Small Business Curation
  4. What is so dangerous about this mis-guidance? Many of the comments in the above thread expose the fact that most online marketers, overwhelmed by too many non-expert opinions- are blinded by a neurocognitive blindspot called:  "The Availability Error"  
  5. An Availability Error happens when we receive new information for the first time.  With new information our brains become confused.  We do not know what to do with the new information we‟ve received.  Our brain instantly tries to associate the new information it has received with experiences from our recent past.  This is when the availability error happens.  Your brain makes a decision based upon the availability of relevant, recent experiences, rather then evaluating the new information based upon its unique and real FACTS.  Our brains deceive us and force us to make a decision based on incorrect information. 
  6. If you really want to profit while integrating basic and advanced curation methods into your business model, our course may be helpful. If you are a beginner, you are probably going to have an easier time, because old content marketing methods are secondary to the changes happening on the real time web. 
  7. Since we are on the topic of curation- did you know that the most advanced content curation tool ever created has been created by Google in the form of the +1 button. Did you also know that most people will make the terrible mistake of using the Google +1 button as a Facebook Like button? 
  8. Google Plus (Plus) Tale of Two Search Engines