Are Drop Down Menus Bad for SEO?

Are Drop Down Menus Bad for SEO?

  1. Avoiding a Drop Down Menu with our Blog Plugin
  2. Hi folks, 

    We have gotten a large number of questions about wordpress silo structures and drop down menus - as well as top bar menus. Folks, you do NOT want drop down menus in wordpress. They WILL bleed your theme. There is no gentle way to say this to save anyones feelings or avoid painful discoveries later on. ; - ) We have LARGE SCALE tests on this being a problem, not only in Wordpress but also in Joomla and Magento Commerce. So don't use drop down menus, especially Java. Here is a video where Theme Zoom Architect Sue Bell clearly reveals how to set up your Wordpress Blog (from the beginning) with non-drop menus. She also shows you what to do if you ALREADY started using drop down menus. In the future, set up your blog WITHOUT drop down menus: 
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