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3 Webinars From Network Empire That You Must Attend


  1. Hi Folks,

  2. This week is chock-o-block full of 3 webinars – good stuff you will not want to miss.

  3. 1) Tuesday:

  4. Member’s only webinar – Bring your site for
    review by Russ and Sue .. or ask us the tough questions – put us on
    the grill… we’ll answer anything (except questions about my
  5. 2) Wednesday:

  6. SOCIAL-EXPLOSION – our new plugin for WordPress!
  7. Join Sue and Russ as we talk about our new plugin and show you the kinds of results we are getting and suggestions on best practices to get the most out of it.

  8. Special Guests and Topics:

  9. Jimmy Kelley who will talk a bit about how you can exploit Domain Authority using this tool.

  10. Mike Pearse who will talk about how you can use this tool as a deterrent to Google penalties and filters.

  11. We will also cover ‘Traffic and Ubiquity’ as well as ‘Super-fast Indexing’ of new sites and content.

  12. Sign up now (open to everyone)

  13. 3) Thursday:

  14. New Tech Foundation Training – get signed up for the new webinar series now!
  15. If you haven’t already joined us for this training, during the 8 week period of the Technical Foundation course, will show you how to use all of our tools to create a strong marketing position for your money site(s).

  16. You’ll get a lot of Russell’s insight on positioning and pain killer headlines and copywriting that draws the clicks from social media and other 3rd party platforms and drives the traffic back to your site.

  17. We also go into concepts that help drive the conversion once you get them on-site.

  18. And finally we’ll talk about the first level of driving traffic to your site – a small OneFeed setup, setting up your branded social sites, and using social explosion are included in that.

  19. We’re there to answer your questions (via skype and webinars) as you walk through the process of creating your silo structured site.

  20. So if you are looking for a way to take your money-site building expertise to the next level, this would be the course for you.