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2014: Game Changing SEO Training!


  1. Better Than a Private Blog Network?
  2. Hello my friends,
  3. The new year is coming up.
  4. This is the year you can crush it.
  5. Perhaps you can feel “something amazing is about to happen” that everyone else is talking about.

  6. Some of our students describe it as this weird “sneaking suspicion” that a “huge lump sum” of money is going to download into their bank account this year because their “ninja web knowledge” has finally reached a critical mass in 2014.
  7. A lot of you have dedicated huge amounts of time and money over the last several years trying to “crack the code” to online wealth building.
  8. A few of you have attended our yearly “Five Figure” Live Certification Event – and this event was the “Game Changer” for you!
  9. This Year’s TZ Network Building 6 Day Intensive Training and Certification Event is not like anything we have ever unveiled before.

  10. For those of you looking to move beyond the “Private Blog Network” and into building a “Personal Brand Broadcast Network”, this is a must-attend event.
  11. We discuss the difference here:
  12. Preparation for Cerification Required:

  13. Better Than a Private Blog Network?
  14. Because this event is so HUGE and so intensive (Theme Zoom CEO enterprise software architect dominatrix Sue Bell is bringing her ACTUAL whips this year) we have found a way to ease the learning curve.

  15. There is a PREREQUISITE course that you MUST take if you want to attend TZ Certification Network Building Live in MAY, 2014. This prerequisite training is called Technical Foundation Coaching and Webinar Course Part 1.  The next class is scheduled to start on January 8. This is an 8 week webinar and coaching training course that you should be able to handle on a part time basis . . . and you can return to it as needed to audit any modules that you may have missed.
  16. Additionally all of the webinars from the previous classes are available to provide an even greater depth of understanding.
  17. You even get 4 hours of “Lifeline Skype Coaching” with one of the instructors included. Some students buy this course JUST FOR THIS FEATURE.

  18. The goal of this course is to get your WR1 (money site) and WRS-1 (branded 3rd party platforms) setup so you are ready to springboard into creating your network.

  19. This course is a game changer for folks.  To find out about this prerequisite course (and other Advanced Broadcast Network Building Courses) please visit:

  20. If you have any questions at ALL about this ask for a Skype add from “themezoom” and we have a team ready to answer your questions.
  21. If you need to talk to someone on the phone, please call us at 608-844-4301 or toll free at 1-800-878-9935 and we will get back with you on the same day.
  22. If you would like to find out how to knock of an additional $11,000 dollars off of the price of our Live Certification Event in May, please visit: