Fixing the NAMLE 2013 stream, by The Media Sp

Using the flow of media from the 2013 NAMLE Conference from my point of view. What did YOU see? What did I leave out?


  1. Keynote speaker Tiffany Shlain... 
  2. Tiffany Shlain's "Connected: A Declaration of Interdependence" (Trailer)
  3. Shlain broke down the concept of cloud-based filmmaking for the NAMLE Conference Goers.  Henry Jenkins seemed engaged!  
  4. I was on the following "State of the Field" panel with other authors of chapters in the forthcoming book Media Literacy Education in Action: Theoretical and Pedagogical Perspectives, and co-editors Belinha S. De Abreu & Paul Mihailidis
  5. Executive Director Michelle Lipkin has a vision for NAMLE... 
  6. Keynote Jim Berk's trailer for "Terms and Conditions May Apply" was very exciting and scary...
  7. Terms and Conditions May Apply Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Documentary Movie HD
  8. Had a great time with the so-called "men of NAMLE", and all the good folks that came out!