Impressions of Pink13

A sampling of the impressions and opinions as the dust settles on Pink Elephant's 17th annual IT Service Management Conference in Las Vegas, February 2013, better known as Pink13.


  1. Which One's Pink: tribute band at Pink13 ITSM Conference
  2. For one-and-a-half weeks in February 2013, a  couple of thousand IT service management professionals - practitioners, vendors, and consultants - descended on the fabulous Bellagio right on the Strip in Las Vegas to share and network and learn at the greatest ITSM conference of them all: Pink Elephant's  annual IT Service Management Conference.

    For a number of years it has been held at the Bellagio, and it will for several more, which is great, because few venues can match the opulence, the facilities, and the accessibility of the Bellagio.

    Read on to gain an impression through the eyes (and cameras) of those who were there - of the fun, the fascination, the awe and the power of a Pink Elephant conference.
  3. Conference Optimizer For Pink13 With George Spalding
  4. In this retrospective look at Pink13, you will find links to videos, podcasts, interviews, pictures, blog posts, and articles.  Most of the stream we share with you here comes from twitter...
  5. ... the concise real-time 140-characters-soundbite voice of the people.  The many tweets from the attendees rise up in a cloud of ideas and impressions that create a virtual conference hovering above the physical meeting of minds.  The twitter stream is flawed, erratic, quirky, thoughtful, inspired, energetic, exciting, funny, and quintessentially human.  Read on and see what we mean...
  6. (If some of the dates on the tweets are a day later or times look odd, that is because I captured them into Storify while I was in New Zealand, which is of course in the future.  As well, I have woven them into a story without sticking strictly to when they came out: some folk tweet in real-time, others after the event).

    There were ten pre-conference sessions and focus groups on Sunday afternoon, then a welcome function in the evening from 5pm, held in the Exhibit Hall where the exhibitors got to meet with the attendees for the first time.