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Here's one we made earlier - notes from our Make Do & Bend Ideas Lab

A round up of what we got up to when we gathered together a bunch of curious and generous composers, musicians and creative technologists at NESTA HQ on 7 June...


  1. Ahead of the day itself, we got out our colouring pens to write up our Make Do & Bend 'manifesto' - the values that we felt were at the heart of the day, and our approach to our work more generally.
  2. To help us kick things off on the day, we invited people coming along to share with each other the thoughts that kept them awake at night... or at least the ones related to composition, live performance and technology. It was brilliant that people got stuck in with such enthusiasm; a taste of things to come!
  3. The night before, it was time to try to make sense of all the ideas and questions that had been shared, in readiness for our 'wonder wall' of possibilities. As you can see, there had been a LOT of sharing!
  4. As we gathered at NESTA HQ, it wasn't long before the hugs and shrieks happened, with people catching up with old buddies and having those 'it's brilliant to finally meet you' moments that signal you're in for a brilliant day.
  5. And even people who weren't with us got involved too...!
  6. With the hugs and shrieks over, and with everyone replete with coffee and croissants, Julia kicked us off. Don't worry, this picture makes her look a bit worried. She was fine though, probably just having one too many ideas right at that moment!
  7. Going round the room to do introductions? No way, not at Make Do & Bend. We asked everyone to bring a prop that explained who they are and why they were there, and then we made the Make Do & Bend equivalent of those nature tables some of you may have had at school. The props were brilliant - from lots of things with knobs on, to a barometer, tuning fork, an idiot's guide to physics... and ever ubiquitous gaffer tape.
  8. Then it was over to our 3 brilliant scene setters to whet our appetites and get our heads spinning even faster with possibilities. Big thanks due to Matthew Herbert, Tim Plyming and Adrian McEwan!
  9. Then it was wonder wall time. First off we asked people to add any themes or areas of practice that they wanted to maybe explore during the day, and then we asked people to hone in on specific things they might like to build, prototype or play around with.