Meet the University of Nebraska-Lincoln speech team

Starting back in September, the 19 members of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln speech team have been competing at speech tournaments all across the nation. This weekend, these 19 performers will compete in 66 different individual events at the the AFA-NIET.


  1. The seniors

  2. Grace Kluck | broadcasting major | Lincoln, Neb.
  3. INF, PRO, DUO w/Stoffel, DUO w/Planos, POE, DI
  4. Grace Kluck started out speech as a shy freshman, but now has the confidence to make friends across the speech community. She enjoys sharing complicated topics with a captivated audience, as well as having an outlet to act. Last summer, she interned at Channel 5 and 10 Health Lincoln. She plans on going into broadcasting production or film after graduation. 
  5. Amanda Stoffel | film studies | Lincoln, Neb.
  6. IMP, PRO, DUO w/Kluck, POI, CA, DI
  7. Amanda Stoffel is known for her ability to make friends— Stoffel makes it a point to meet people from every university and college. Stoffel is one of many former Raymond Central graduates in collegiate speech, and she still helps coach with her former school. In addition to speaking, Stoffel also writes for the Daily Nebraskan's arts and life section. She plans on being involved in the entertainment industry after graduating, 
  8. Roger Allen | history | Firth, Neb.
  9. PRO, DUO w/BeDunnah, POI, DI, POE
  10. In performance or in ordinary reactions, Roger Allen always lets his presence known. After competing for Norris' team for four years, he decided to join the UNL team after talking with Josh Planos at nationals his senior year of high school. Once he finishes his history degree, he wants to dedicate his life to public service. 
  11. Josh Planos | advertising and public relations | Omaha, Neb.
  12. INF, PRO, DUO w/Kluck, POI, CA, POE
  13. Josh Planos did speech four four years at Millard West High school, but fell in love with it once he performed for UNL. Planos' performances focus on discussing social ills that often get ignored— such as the stigma associated with ADHD and the plight of students in Chicago. Outside of speech, Josh is an assistant speech coach for Raymond Central, a columnist at, and an independent contractor at Tomorrow's Online Marketing. Once his speech career is over, Planos plans on utilizing his passions as a writer. 
  14. Thomas Shelly | education | Auburn, Neb.
  15. PRO, DUO w/Rush, DUO w/Karaus
  16. It was chance that brought Thomas Shelly to UNL's speech team. He signed up at the Big Red Welcome in 2010 and stayed ever since. He's working on his education degree and will be student teaching next year. In college, he's made it a point to try nearly every event— so he can better teach his students about forensics. 
  17. The juniors

  18. Josiah BeDunnah | pre-nursing | Lexington, Neb.
  19. PRO, POI, DUO w/Allen, DI, POE