1. "I'll save you!" she cried, slicing through the ant-creatures with her karate-chopping palms. They were pouring from the tower of sand, a thousand feet of crumbling grain disturbed by thousands of feet skittering towards them. With a mighty roundhouse kick she parted the marauding ant-things, sending them arcing backwards through the air.

    She grabbed him by the hand & shouted.


    The bejewelled tiger came smashing through the crowding insects, batting them away, swooping underneath the battling humans. Upon its back they rode on-wards, deeper, to where the sand turned black in the heart of the desert.

    Here was where the Great Tower stood, impossibly tall, bound by incongruous moisture. She flicked a strand of brilliant red hair from her eyes and surveyed her surroundings. He adjusted his tie and dismounted the glittering war-cat.

    "Thank you for the help, I would have said so earlier but we were travelling faster than sound itself. Also I was busy screaming."

    She eyed him coldly, dismissively, but her gaze crept over his shoulder. With an imperceptible quickness the stars left her hands, burning through the chomping Sharktipede then unraveling it as the boiling plasma collapsed into tiny black holes and exerted their gravity.

    "It was nothing" she finally smiled, then her brow furrowed: "I could do with some help climbing this tower though."

    "But how I can be of use to the Scarlet Ninja?!"

    "Like so." she murmured before waving some ketchup under his nose.

    "WUAHH!" skin puckering, receding, his torso elongating. Suddenly the primate burst from his face and his hands solidified into hooves.

    "Dear Baboonicorn, we ascend this tower together!" she cried, hopping on the hooting monkeyhorse. They rushed up the side of the minaret, smashing through scuttling ant-creatures the poured forth to stop them and punching their way through the walls of the spire.

    “HAHAHA!” cried the Dark Lord Dom, “I have been expecting you!” he gestured towards the named place-settings on the banquet table with a waggle of his eyebrows.

    “Your reign of muted terror is over” the Scarlet Ninja scowled “Give us the amulet!”

    The Dark Lord shifted uneasily in his enormous candy chair. With a flick of a hidden switch a dusting of sugar coated our intrepid heroes. The ants noticed it immediately.

    Baboonicorn unleashed a beam of prismatic light from his ivory spike, incinerating the onrushing insects in an instant. The Ninja was already running on the ceiling, flinging bolts of glitter at the despotic darkness-monger who evaded them by bodypopping frantically. She was upon him then, her iron fingers snatching the amulet from his throat: a pretty cupcake dangling from a titanium chain. Then she was back on the Baboonicorn, gently floating from the room with a trail of swirling purple light.

    Dark Lord howled, clutching at his neck. “MY ELEVENSES! GUARDS!”

    The bejewelled tiger and horned MandrillMustang raced across the lightening sands, away from the doomspire, the screeching figure of Lord Dom riding his slavering Wolflobster in distant pursuit.